Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Doritos ad competition...

Taking a snack icon to the next level.

doritos reinvented snacks when they were launched forty years ago as “the new beat in things to eat.” doritos has always been different from any other snack around—loud, crunchy, oddly shaped and intensely flavored. much more than a “mindless munch,” doritos has long been the most engaging snack experience around.

today doritos are in half the households in america. it’s the third most popular food brand in this country, after lay’s and campbell’s. hundreds, maybe thousands of new snacks have come around since 1967, but none of them have that unique combination of shape, flavor and crunch that is the doritos experience. none of them can satisfy that craving for snack stimulation the way doritos can. when you ask someone why they love doritos, they’ll often talk about those unique product attributes, but they add up to something bigger that often gets articulated as “they’re doritos, man!”

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